Jumba Ruins Monsoons

Seafood by the beach.

Jumba Ruins Monsoons - Seafood by the beach.

Just North of the hustle and bustle of Mtwapa, there is a road that takes you off the beaten track towards Jumba ruins, the remnants of an old slave port. Walk past the ruins and down to the beach and there is quite a discovery. Monsoons restaurant stand on an empty pristine beach with views out to sea or back towards the beauty of the Jumba ruins themselves. The restaurant offers a delightful range of fresh seafood as well as Italian pasta dishes. It is a place where you want to spend the day with friends, drinking in the views with a glass of wine and a dressed crab or two. An incredible haven only seconds from the chaos of the beaches closer to Mombasa. A wonderful place for families. Monsoons is to be savoured, not rushed.

Jumba Ruins - Mtwapa - Coast Kenya
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is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 to late afternoon.



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